City Series San Francisco Bay Modern Gas Fireplace

Encounter City Series San Francisco Bay Modern Gas Fireplaces at Penguin Fireplace in San Jose, California

The Regency City Series San Francisco Bay 50” gas fireplace offers a luxurious bay-style design, fitting perfectly between the medium 40” and large 60” models. Its 3-sided glass viewing area provides a stunning, uninterrupted flame picture that enhances any room’s aesthetic. This model includes all the innovative features of the City Series in a new, optimal size. It allows for design flexibility by enabling finishing with any material directly to the edge of the firebox. Additionally, it supports versatile installation options, making it adaptable to various home settings. The San Francisco Bay 50” gas fireplace is a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. It makes a significant visual impact while maintaining practicality. Ideal for those seeking a high-end, customizable fireplace solution for their homes.

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